About company

«SSK-PROTEKT» LLC performs a range of cleaning and painting works to provide anti-corrosive protection and protection from thermal influence on steel structures at different enterprises in Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Kotlas and other cities («PO «SEVMASH»» JSC, «CS «Zviozdochka»» JSC, branch of «CS «Zviozdochka»» JSC «176 SRZ», «Krasnaya Kuznitsa» SRZ, «ROSNEFT-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt» LLC, «Limendsky SSRZ», «Arkhangelskaya REB flota» JSC, «Mostootryad No» CJSC). Currently «SSK-PROTEKT» LLC possesses all the necessary equipment and required technology of shot blasting, cleaning with water of ultra-high pressure (up to 2000 bars), painting with the usage of machines of airless spraying, insulation works, metal coating; and it is also systematically getting acquainted with the new corrosion protection technologies.

Our organization also has the Compliance Certificate of Russian Register, Federal Security Service License to work with Nation Security Information, Building license of I and II level, which provide the possibility to perform highly dangerous activities, connected with industrial production and petroleum chemistry, Fire license for performing fire protection of steel structures. «SSK-PROTEKT» LLC is interested in performing works on anti-corrosive protection of industrial objects and is asking you to consider it as a subcontract organization. We are ready to discuss in course of personal meeting the options of cooperation, volumes and costs of work, and also to provide you with additional information, if necessary. We are hoping for a long-term, mutually profitable cooperation.